Paramount Bar
200 20th Street North, Birmingham, Alabama

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With its opening night on New Years Eve 2013, Paramount Bar and Arcade has taken Birmingham by storm. Appleseed once again partnered up with the owners of El Barrio and turned this former yogurt shop into the now one-of-a-kind “barcade”. The owners came to Appleseed with a vision based on “Grampa’s garage” and an arcade and Appleseed did just that. There are vintage arcade games sprinkled throughout the space while patrons can order a drink from the custom bar made of old tire rims.

About the Project
OpportunitiesAppleseed contracted with a local welder who fabricated the wall of wheels for the face of the bar. He also created a tunnel of wheels at the back bar that serves as an area for mixing drinks. Using stacks and stacks of plywood and over fifteen gallons of glue, Appleseed was able to create a beautifully understated bar top that compliments the busy bar front. Appleseed also removed the existing storefront glass and replaced it with three roll-up glass garage doors, to further add to the "garage feel."
SpecialtiesThere are many elements in Paramount that are "uniquely Appleseed." For starters, Appleseed created a bar made entirely out of old, repurposed tire rims. This, along with the medusa-like drop down lighting, created the garage look that the owners wanted. All the furniture that you see was developed and fabricated right in Appleseed's workshop.