Morris Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama

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Renovation of a 10,000 SF structure comprised of the oldest remaining commercial building in downtown Birmingham, the Dixie Coffee Co. building and an adjacent restaurant/club. Originally built as Victoria Station restaurant, the building was converted into an office for a communications and technology company, Kinetic Communications. The highlight of the project is the cube wall that allows all of the employees to have a customizable wall.

About the Project
OpportunitiesWithin a double-height dance area, creating an interactive office cube that would increase the number of workstations while providing an interactive wall for employees. Repurposing the existing caboose and two train cars for office space. Creating more light sources within a dark space.
Awards/PressBirmingham Business Journal's Coolest Office Spaces 2013
SpecialtiesCube walls, restoration of the train cars and LED bar, custom conference room table with train wheels that weigh 1500 pounds each, a custom heart pine bench that moves, and an exterior steel stair.