Edgewood Creamery

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As Appleseed’s first commercial renovation in Birmingham, Edgewood Creamery holds a special place in their heart and history. This one thousand square foot space was transformed from a hair salon to an ice-cream parlor, full of rhythm and charm. Located in the Edgewood district of downtown Homewood, there is always a steady crowd of ice cream lovers coming in and out, especially during those hot Alabama summers.

About the Project
OpportunitiesAppleseed used 2x4s in an unorthodox way when it came to creating Edgewood Creamery. They used over 1200 spruce 2x4s, with a simple clear finish, to make up the walls, ceiling, and furniture throughout the space. Besides that, one of the most eye catching aspects of the room is the mint green ribbon that runs along the floor, wall, and ceiling. The ribbon delineates the walking sequence and really ties the room together.
Awards/PressThe Project received a Birmingham and Alabama AIA Merit Awards.
SpecialtiesOver 1200 spruce 2x4s were used to create the walls, ceiling, and furniture in the space. This affordable yet unique look is what makes Edgewood Creamery "edgy" and modern.