At Appleseed, identifying clear project and program goals is the first step towards realizing your project.  Gathering information from you the client (your site and your city), allows us to establish a framework for the design process.  We are then able to sort out wants from needs and establish necessary budget requirements.  This is the part of the process where we establish the questions that we will be answering in the later phases of design.

Schematic Design

During the schematic design phase, we analyze the pre-design objectives: site parameters, related code, jurisdictional requirements, and functional relationships between spaces and site.  With this set of parameters, we outline the rough vision for your project into preliminary drawings and sketches so as to communicate the direction of your design.  This is when we begin answering the larger-picture questions that we posed in the pre-design process.

Design Development

In this phase, we finalize the schematics of the design.  This creates a new list of questions that focus on the smaller details.  We provide you with the look, feel, and texture of your project, while confirming basic assembly types and modes.  Most importantly, we develop a clear understanding of project scope and preliminary budget.

Permit and Construction Documents

The final contract between you and Appleseed is the set of drawings we produce for your project.  We submit them, on your behalf, to the pertinent regulatory groups and review boards.  These are also the final drawings that we use for the construction of your project.