After 8 years of self made websites on Thanksgiving holidays, IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!  Appleseed Workshop has a legitimate website.  Kinetic Communications has made a beautiful highly functional site that is exactly what we asked for.  We will be able to add our newly completed projects quickly so that everybody can see the interiors and exteriors of the project that they have been driving by or hearing about.  The Website will be the login portal for our clients to interact with our new project management software that will make the Appleseed process even better.  This blog lives on our website and will be a place where you can get the latest Appleseed news and project statuses.  When we add a new project to the website we will post a blog so that everyone knows and can come and see the pictures.  We are excited about the direction Appleseed is going and want to thank all our clients, family and friends for helping us get to this point.  You guys are what keeps us going, and I would be remiss if I did not praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us despite our shortcomings.