IN THE DETAILS: Classic Charisma at Dinner.


There’s no better feeling than being able to provide your family with a delicious, home-cooked meal, but so rarely do we have the time to plan and prepare quality cuisine. Our clients at Dinner in Crestline Village want to help folks reclaim that traditional evening meal, so they came to us to create a space that matched their desire.

Their idea was a contemporary take on an old world butcher shop or bakery. They wanted something clean and bright that put an emphasis on the food, the smiling faces behind the counter, and the culture of community. Using modern applications and classic motifs, we were able to create a design that was functional yet charismatic.

The unique exterior door features a peephole that gives passersby a glimpse at what’s to be expected on the other side – rigorous detail, modern fixtures and a hint of green.

To delineate the space we used white subway tile and white v-groove wainscoting from floor to ceiling, creating clean lines and visual texture.  Touches of gold and unlacquered brass found throughout the store, from the diamond brackets supporting the clean, white shelving to the dramatic pendant lights hanging over the counter, give the feeling of modern elegance. Oversized gold letters adorn the white walls spelling out “we made it for you,” a simple yet telling statement for this inviting space.

It wouldn’t be an Appleseed project without custom furniture so in true form we put an oversized maple butcher-block table with a green base in the center of the space.

Perhaps the most unique element of the restaurant is the stamped tin patterned stencil on the concrete floor. The contrast of the black flooring against the white walls gives the space a classic feel reminiscent of the old world butcher shops that inspired the project.  Finally, an oversized built-in planter filled with greenery ties in the pops of green around the store and gives the space a homey feel.

The resulting space is high-design and fun, but still familiar. Like Dinner’s meals, it blends recognizable ingredients into something easy and fresh and thoroughly welcoming.

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All images by Mountainside Photo Co.