FEATURED PROJECT: Revelator Roastery

revelator coffee roastery







Revelator Coffee Company’s corporate headquarters is anything but your standard office space. In fact, it’s first and foremost a roastery, with office space included. It’s also a departure from Revelator’s retail spaces. Where their coffee shops tend to specialize in Southern Zen, the roastery is beautifully stark. It’s a bright coffee laboratory, albeit one that welcomes social calls.

In fact, the laboratory is the first thing a visitor sees. Walk through the bank of windows at the building’s entryway, and midcentury armchairs quickly give way to long tables in white and stainless steel. The space is stocked full of brewing equipment and development teams — all part of bringing each roast to customers as the perfect Revelator cup.

Look beyond the roastery’s long wall of glass to see the cheerful, industrial base of the operation: roasting equipment and climate-controlled storage bays. With their bright shades of yellow, orange, and green, the equipment and hardware playfully punctuate the large white space. Like the Revelator logos on each storage door, they suggest an atmosphere that’s sparse but fun, the blend of science and alchemy that makes great coffee possible.

Revelator’s primary request for the space was light. We achieved that by maintaining the ribbon windows — characteristic of this 1970s warehouse space — and bathing the entire building in white, allowing bright natural light to penetrate most of it.

The most contained area is the office space, accessed via hallway from the laboratory or a single door from the roasting room. Even that dedicated workspace eschews chopped-up rooms for sleek white work cubes beside a glass-walled conference room. With more ribbon windows high on the wall, everyone back here has a natural light view. A retractable whiteboard wall offers space for serious group brainstorming in the conference room.

In both the laboratory and office spaces, smooth drywalled ceilings bring the height down for an intimate, focused space. Rows of track lighting and a linear HVAC system maintain a tailored take on the industrial feel of a warehouse location. White paint on the ceiling grid in the storage warehouse emphasizes the height of the space while framing out the white walls of the interior rooms.

The result is a series of spaces that clearly relate to each other, each glass wall distilling the raw ideas into focused work. Revelator’s headquarters is a spatial reminder that every moment beneath this lovely white roof is work toward the company’s core goals.

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