Designer Series: Inspiration for Tropicaleo

With a motto like “Island Mood & Island Food, “ it’s hard not to love Tropicaleo, the pop-up restaurant in Crestwood Tavern. Open for lunch and brunch, Tropicaleo is where Puerto Rican flavors meet local Alabama ingredients. Luckily for Appleseed, Tropicaleo is ready to move on from their pop-up shop roots and we’re looking forward to designing + building their new space with them.

For Tropicaleo’s new location, Appleseed Interior Designer Holly has been channeling a contemporary atmosphere with an Old San Juan aesthetic. The word “Tropicaleo” exudes a laid back vibe and is reflected in their style and cuisine. Holly plans to accomplish the laid back feel by incorporating traditional Puerto Rican design elements and their logo, a palm leaf, in different ways throughout the restaurant. Expect to find clean lines and a neutral base with pops of bright colors like yellow and green in the details. A combination of unique materials and bold patterns will create a botanical-inspired look allowing the space to feel like a mini-vacation right here in Birmingham.

Now that you know what to look forward to, stay tuned for updates as the Design + Build process gets underway!