BEHIND THE BUILD: Cashio’s Meatball Market

Cashio’s Meatball Market, Appleseed’s latest addition to Birmingham’s food scene, is home to a sleek, modern atmosphere with carefully curated Italian dishes. The original dark-lit sports bar with black floors and stacked stone was gutted for a much brighter, more contemporary look.

The Cashio family’s Sicilian ancestry not only inspired the cuisine but also served as design inspiration for the interior. Step into this space and experience the old world charm that exudes from the mix of Alabama white marble, mirrors and pops of red. A custom-built red banquette lined with hanging pendants immediately draws attention and brightens up the space. The walls, covered with oversized marble slabs and mirrors, create a warm and inviting place to enjoy Italian comfort food classics. Every table in the space is custom-made from Alabama white marble and offers elegant detailing that works in unique combination with the modern-style chairs.

Slide up to the walnut bar and take note of the handcrafted waterfall edge and bold pendant lights that round out the design. Gold fixtures found throughout the space enhance the modern decor and tie everything together while a local artist’s renderings liven up the space and pay tribute to decades of legendary musicians.

This eclectic mix of styles comes together to create a space full of energy and life and will leave you feeling like “life’s a ball!”

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All photos by Jean Allsopp Photography